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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I enjoy being a girl!

I heard a great line yesterday. I've decided to make it my mantra. This is it:

The power of a woman lies in her femininity!

Don't you just love it? Isn't that great? Now I understand you may not agree with me - - but, hey, it's worked for me all these years. I love being a woman! I like looking like a woman. Smelling like a woman. The whole works! And I'm certainly not opposed to the benefits it brings me.

Come on now. Tell me the truth. Haven't you ever used your femaleness to its best advantage? I don't mean outright flirting (unless it is with your husband). I'm talking about the way you smile at a man who offers to change your flat tire for you. Or the way you dress. Or even the way you walk. Otherwise, why would we women punish ourselves by wearing those pointed-toed shoes? You never saw a man in those things (as if their feet would fit). Of course, now that I think of it, I did see men in spike-heeled sandals in the lobby of a fashionable San Francisco hotel. It's amazing what we can get our husbands to do with a few sweet words and the batt of our eyes.

For me, the truth is, I LIKE GIRLY things (as you can see in the pic which was taken while on a cruise to Hawaii). My husband bought me this gorgeous white mumu and then insisted I had to have a flower lei and a flower for my hair. Oh, how I loved that guy! He was Tarzan and I was Jane, though I never tried that swinging through the trees thing with him. I love to surround myself with flowers, candles, potpouri, all those wonderful romantic things. Maybe that's why I love a hint of Victorian in my home decor.

Okay, you've heard my piece. Now let me hear yours? Do you enjoy being a girl? Or if you are a guy, do you want your gal to be feminine? Leave a comment, please!

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  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger Julie Carobini said…

    Joyce, You are such a doll! Love your site. I was reading through it when all of a sudden your sweet voice played through my computer speakers. So cool!


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