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Monday, May 29, 2006


I have so enjoyed all the wonderful tributes to those who are serving, or have served, in the service of our amazing country, to protect us and make a better, safer world. The sacrifice of so many of them - well, it overwhelms me. The NEWS today, since it is Memorial Day, is filled with stories of such brave men and women.

Then my mind goes to those who are left at home. The wives who long to have their husbands back home where they belong. The children who need their father. The moms and dads who hold their breath each time the news of some crisis or catastrophe in Irag and other countries comes on the TV. And my heart goes out to them, and the other members of their families and friends. We as Americans, whether we agree with those who are in charge or not, need to support our troops. THEY DESERVE IT!

Like perhaps you, I have a loved on serving in Irag. One of my grandsons, who is a husband and father to 3 darling little girls, is there now. Another grandson, just returned a few months ago and is finally at home for good. He also left his wife and 3 adorable daughters to go over there for us. And my son, who flies the King Air for the Kentucky National Guard, just returned 3 weeks ago from his second one-year tour in Germany.

We need to constantly hold these service men and women up in prayer, and let them know how much we appreciate them.


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