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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Spring and flowers!

Don't you just love spring? As I came out of church this morning it began to rain big drops on those of us rushing out into the parking lot. You know the kind I mean - - big drops, but spaced far apart. And the fragrance? Oh my! I couldn't even begin to describe that fresh - it's raining - scent that filled the air. And as I drank it in, I thought to myself...."Ummm, that means I don't have to water today! My heavenly father has already done it for me."

Isn't it amazing how we take the rains, the sunshine, the clouds, the moon....all of it for granted? Each appears right at the time it should, and we rarely take a moment to think this is all in God's plan. And we are His children! The maker and creator of all those things. I'm sure glad He is in control, aren't you? And that He loves us - despite ourselves

Enjoy this beautiful Lord's Day!

Joyce Livingston, Author
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