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Saturday, June 17, 2006

QUILT BLOCK #16 Double T

Okay, I really like the block but the blandness of the colors turn me off. Is it just me? Or do you like the colors?

Actually, I'm not too keen on anything bland - from eggs to someone who is personalityless (is that word?). I love color! It makes my heart sing to see it.

What color (if any) makes your heart sing? Are you a colorful person? In both your likes and your personality?

Tomorrow is Father's Day. My father passed away well over 20 years ago, so I no longer have him with me. My precious husband passed away 20 months ago, so my children no longer have their father to tell I love you. Father's Day is really hard for me. My husband Don was a wonderful father. A perfect example of what I always thought a father should be. I really, really, really miss him! Sorry for waxing nostalgic but holidays always bring that side of me out - now that he is no longer with me.

Kiss and hug your father (and husband) if he is with you, or at least call him on the phone. If your family doesn't normally tell one another you love them....try it! It'll make you both feel better!

Joyce Livingston, author


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