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Sunday, June 18, 2006

QUILT BLOCK #17 Dresden Plate, and Father's Day

Ah, ha! I think most of us know this old familiar block's name - - Dresden Plate. You can tell the fabrics are old in this one - - maybe made from old dresses or shirts. Even the patterns look *old*. None of my relatives ever pieced or quilted quilts. I'm the first one, and of course I went overboard, like I do with everything I tackle. Whole hog - - that's me! Can you imagine what it must have been like during the depression days, when both money and fabric was hard to come by. I can just see mothers who had no money to spend, cutting up dresses and shirts to make something pretty, as well as useful, for their homes. Many of those old quilts are still around - - and priceless. Ever try to buy on of them at an auction? Amazing how much they go for. Nothing is as *comfort-ing* (pun, intended!) as a quilt.

Well, today is Father's Day. We had a wonderful service for Fathers in both my Sunday school class and the morning worship service. But I admit I shed a few tears as I gazed at the empty place beside me on the pew, where my dear husband should have been. He was the perfect father, because he was a godly father who wanted to do what God wanted him to - as a father. Our children were truly blessed to be able to call him Dad. We miss him so much - on Father's Day - and every other day of the year. How I long to be able to kiss his sweet face and say, "Happy Father's Day, sweetheart."

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