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Monday, June 19, 2006

QUILT BLOCK #18 Exquisite!

Yep, that's the name shown for this old block - EXQUISITE - and I'm inclined to agree. I like it! I think it has zing. What a simple block to make. Perfect for beginners, and a great way to use up those tiny odd scraps. Look at the very center of the block and you'll see a lopsided star. See it? Isn't that neat? Look at it by tilting your head to the left and you'll see tiny bow ties. The imagery is what makes so many blocks special.

Speaking of imagery (how's that for a lead-in?), I visited another church last night for their Sunday evening service. The speaker, Diane Bishop's son (the Diane Bishop who does the SISTERS program on inspirational channels on TV and had spoken there herself the night before) talked about imagery using a scripture from Ezekiel. What a powerful message...made me do some real soul-searching. It wasn't exactly a Father's Day message but could certainly apply to fathers as well as the rest of us. He used humor to illustrate his points which really made them memorable.

Did you have a good service at your church yesterday? I love the praise music in the Sunday services. Really reves me up and prepares me for whatever will be *laid* on me the following week. So - bring it on...I'm ready! Isn't the Lord good?

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