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Friday, June 23, 2006

QUILT BLOCK # 22 Grandma's Favorite

Well, one of yesterday's blocks was Grandmother's Fan . . . today, this one is Grandma's Favorite. Makes me wonder whose Grandma?

I love this simple block. In fact, I have a piece of the fabric in my fabric stash right now. I didn't notice until this minute, this block is upside down! See the letter C? Each block in that fabric has a different letter. But I'm working against a deadline for a book so don't have time to go into my paint program and flip it! Sorry! Needless to say, the J and the L are cut out of my fabric. I've already used those! I do love the idea of fabric with letters in them that you can incorporate into your quilts to personalize them. What a great idea . . . wonder why more manufacturers don't do it. Of course your remaining fabric looks like a piece of Swiss cheese once you've cut out the ones that fit you or your family. Could be that's the reason why?

Speaking of stashs . . . I seem to harbour way more than fabric. I know computers were supposed to save paper and keep clutter from your office area and home . . . but I seem to keep files on my computer AND print things out. My file cabinets are full! I'll bet I could throw away 90% of that stuff and never miss it. My house is always clean and uncluttered but don't look in my file cabinets or desk drawers. I also hate to throw away depleted ballpoint pens. So many have my author friend's names on them. But what use am I ever going to get from a *spent* pen?

Am I the only one like this? I'll betcha I'm not. I'll bet you're that way too! What do you hoard away that is absolutely useless?

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  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger Shelina said…

    You could see if you can put some insides from a cheap pen into your old pens. See if they fit.
    I like the monogram fabric too. They could sell charms. I would buy them.


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