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Saturday, June 03, 2006


How do you like this old block? I love the block but I would prefer different colors. But - someone liked it. Maybe it's in your colors. Funny how we each have our personal likes and dislikes that can be so different from one another - yet each is just right for that person.

Well, it's Saturday and I am sorry I am so late in posting this. I was helping my youngest daughter with a project and the time just whizzed by. But how fun it was to work side by side with her. We were cleaning up a mess! I bought a condo to clean up and sell, but it ends up my daughter wants to buy it from me to rent out as income. OH _ _ _ the grunge! This single man had lived it it for less than 2 years and I doubt he had ever cleaned the sinks in either the kitchen or the bathroom. The tub! I can't even describe it! YUK!!!!! I don't know if he even owned a sweeper. The carpet was new when he moved it....but not now!!!! And the windows? NEVER ever washed them or the mirrors. Fortunately, since he didn't want to clean it up himself, he paid my daughter to do it for him. Which worked out great. She'll (with my help) do a much better job than he ever could. BUT - - I am not complaining - - that was one of the reasons I was able to purchase it at an amazingly low price. We're far from through cleaning but she put a *for rent* sign in the window anyway, and in less than an hour, she got a call on it. A call that sounds quite promising.

I purchased it as an investment - a gret one, I think! Once we have it rented, my daughter is going to buy it from me and I'll be off looking for the next one. This will be the second little condo I have flipped in the past 8 weeks. I'm really into this *flipping* thing. I think it's going to be a great way to make a little extra money. I'd like to flip at least 2 little condos a year.

In case you're interested in *flipping*, I'll be covering it in more detail next week!
Have a great LORD'S day tomorrow.

Joyce Livingston, author


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