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Sunday, June 04, 2006

QUILT BLOCK #4 Amish Diamond

Most of the time, I have received these blocks without name, however, this one is called Amish Diamond. Of course, I like anything red, so I like this block. But try to imagine what it would look like done exclusively in blue. Or maybe blue and black. That's part of the beauty of being a quilter. You can make your quilt any color you want. Oh, the satisfaction when you can step back, take a look at it, and say with pride, "I did that! I actually made a quilt!"

In church this morning, the pastor was talking about Moses and the time of his birth. How his mother fashioned a basket for him, no doubt lining it with something that would be comfortable for a 3 month old baby. Ah ha! As a quilter, I began to wonder what she might have used. Do you suppose it was a baby quilt? One she made herself. Or maybe Moses' sister helped make. I're going to say....probably not. But who knows? Food for thought.

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