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Monday, June 05, 2006


I love anything with hearts! Could that be because I am such a romantic at heart? VBG!

I don't know the name of this block, but it is apparent that it has been pieced and then hand-appliqued. Though I wouldn't necessarily have chosen the background colors, I really like them. Just goes to show - you never know something until you try it

Which reminds me....a friend of ours lived in Texas for awhile. One of the radio stations there, KIX, ran a contest asking, "What would you do for KIX (get it? Kicks?). She was one of the finalist. I think her answer was that she would stand on top of their building all day, shouting the same question to the passersby. I don't remember what her prize was, but I've so often thought of that question. So - - I am posing it to you. 'WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR KICKS?"

So often, people do things that harm them for *kicks*. Others, though not harmful to the body, can get them in real trouble. Think *toiletpapering* someone's trees and yard! We learned at our church service yesterday, a group of teenaged vandals did a truly unpatriotic act over the Memorial Day weekend. Our church proudly flies 100 LARGE American flags across the front of the church property every holiday. Well, that weekend, in the dead of the night, they destroyed 21 of those flags and the flag poles. It's going to cost over $1000 to replace them. Fortunately, the people who lived across the street from the church, woke up and heard the noise, went outside to check on it, saw what they were doing, and recognized them as some of their neighbor's children. So - at least we know who did it! But think of the trouble those kids are in, not to mention all the cost and work to repair the damage!

Amazing, what some folks will do for kicks, isn't it?

Joyce Livingston, author


  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said…

    I'm almost afraid to commit it to blogdom! LOL I'll do nearly anything for kicks, Joyce, as long as it's legal and ethical ... or is Jesus will let me get away with it. :o) I remember the time I helped some friends fill our youth pastors truck with pine straw. The bed, the cab ... yep. It was a hoot! then there's the time we made the new youth pastor run behind the church van fro abotu a mile .. we went real slow, just enough to keep out of his reach. Funniest sight I ever saw. Then ... nah, better leave that one alone.

  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said…

    Man, I just read that and found a bunch of typos! LOL I wish blogs had spell check.

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Ann Bench said…

    I am dyslexic and make many spelling and typing mistakes that i do not see. But I have Google Chrome and it spell checks even here as I type. One thing is dose not do is make the word (I) a caps. So if I type the word (i) in lower case it will not underline it to let me know it needs to be a capital letter .So I have to search my text to find all the places I have typed (i) and correct it my self. I am a very bad speller and do not see my mistakes. If I did not have spell check you would not be able to read much of what I type. Not even I can read what I have typed sometimes. And sometime spell check yells at me, asking me to just give them a hint as to what I am trying to spell LOL Not being a typist and being dyslexic is a want be writes nightmare. All I can do is my best.


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