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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hey! Hello again!

Today's quilt block is Annie's Choice. I don't know who gave it that name, but that's the way I received it. Now these colors I like. No--I love them. But I'm a fan of red, pink, rose, burgundy - you get the idea!
If you were doing it, what colors would you choose?

I never see a quilt block but what I think about its creator. How old were they? How long had they been sewing? Was this their very first quilt block. Did they hand piece it because they couldn't afford a sewing maching? Or because they simply love to handpiece? Was it the only block they ever made? Was it intended to be placed in a quilt but the person never had the time, or was unable to complete an entire quilt? Was it handed down to them by a relative? So many questions fill my mind when I am fortunate enough to find one at a flea market, garage sale, GoodWill, etc.

Do you have any precious single quilt blocks in your posession? Did you make them? Did your mother? An aunt?

On one of the quilts I made - a large one to hang over our sofa - I decided to try a new process (new when I made it, that is) of printing scriptures directly onto the fabric in large, bold print that you could see from a distance across the room. It worked out beautifully, and everyone who sees it comments on it. What a way to have the scriptures before your eyes every day!

I've had several write me and say they are interested in hearing more about *flipping houses*. I'd like to hear from more bloggers about this - so if you're interested - let me know! I don't want to post if there isn't enough interest in it - so - if you want to hear about *flippping* - be sure and leave a comment!

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