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Monday, June 12, 2006

QUILT BLOCK BONUS DAY!!!!! got in the way and prevented me from blogging for the past several days! Sorry about that! To make up for it, I've added 4 quilt blocks to this blog. Enjoy them!

I had asked about doing articles and info on my blog about House Flipping, but since I got only a few responses saying they were interested, I've decided not to do it. Takes too much time if so few are interested. Just wanted those of you to know who were kind enough to express your interest. If you enter: House Flipping in the blog search area at the top of this page - you will be shown several sites. I can't say I was too impressed by them, but they do have a small bit of correct information you might find useful.

Have a great day! In addition to painting the interior of my home this past week and this week, I may not be able to blog regularly. Besides painting....I have a writing deadline to meet so I need to plant my seat in my chair and write! Praise God for contracts and writing deadlines!

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