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Thursday, June 22, 2006

QUILT BLOCKS #20 & 21 Goose in the Pond and Grandma's Fan

HOW ABOUT A DOUBLE WHAMMY TODAY? Two blocks, since I had to miss posting yesterday? For some reason, I lost my Internet connection, and since I was so busy writing, I didn't take the time to call the tech and set it up again. Goose in the pond is a great block but, of the two, I have to admit Grandma's fan is my fav! Several years ago I made a really gorgeous quilt using shades of cream, powder blue and peach together with the powder blue sashes and bindings. I even appliqued a huge powder blue bow on the pillow area. Someday, if I have a chance to get it out and photograph it, I'll post it here. Great blocks, aren't they?

A little off the subject but, in my scripture reading today, I read how Jesus was rejected twice in his early ministry by those in his hometown - thus the scripture (and the words quoted so often by so many) a prophet has no honor in his own country. As an author, I immediately thought about the letters of rejection we often receive, and how we have to suck it up and keep on keeping on, or we'll never reach success.

How about the rejections in your life? How do you handle them? Do they come from your family and close friends? Which rejections hurt you the most? Food for thought.

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