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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MY amazing MIRACLE! plus Quilt block---

Isn't this a great block? Not for beginners though. The piecing is fairly complex. But, if you're brave enough to try it, it would look beautiful in just about any color combination. It's called LANCASTER.

Okay - - now for my miracle story!

A little over a week ago, I was rounding the corner, running as usual, ready to go downstairs to check the email on my desk computer. But as I turned the corner, I also reached down to pick up the new bottle of Windex I'd planned to carry down to my furnace room, BUT - - - as I did all of this, something happened that happens probably only 3 or 4 times a year. I SNEEZED!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!

I couldn't straighten up - at all! That has only happened to me one other time in my life, many years ago, and the circumstances were just about the same. That time, it lasted nearly a week. "Oh, no! I don't have time for this!" I cried out to God. But - I stayed that way inspite of my cry - for 3 days! I had to either be upright on my feet, or lying flat in bed. And getting up or down - was miserable! I even tried tilting my laptop up against my knees when lying down so I could work on my current WIP (work in progress to you non-writers), and that didn't work at all. There isn't much you can do lying down. It was difficult to even read. And standing? That was even worse. Every step I tried to take sent a shiver of pain coursing through my back muscles. BUT-----

FINALLY-----The Lord healed me! How? I was doing nearly the same thing again, but this time in a very slow motion, and painfully. Turning to go down my stairs to check my email, WHEN - - I sneezed again! Big time!

KABOOM! The pain was gone! Immediately! All that was left was the tiniest twinge when I twisted to one side, and that was very slight. I laughed outloud. Only God could have thought to heal with the very thing that had sent me into pain and isolation in the first place. A SNEEZE! Like I said, that has been over a week ago and I'm fine! No pain or aches whatsoever. But I'll tell you one thing - if I ever feel a sneeze coming on - I'm going to stop deadstill in my tracks, face forward, and let her rip! No bending! I don't want to go through that again. Each time I think of what had happened and how I was healed, I have to laugh and look upward, praising God. Does God have a sense of humor or what? I LOVED WHAT HE DID! Don't you?

Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget, if you are interested in seeing the redorating pics of my home, leave me a message on this blog or email me at: Otherwise, I won't post them.

Joyce Livingston (who daily praises God for his blessings)


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger wordlings said…

    Thanks for sharing your sneezing story. Oh, I'd love to see your photos. Please post them.


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