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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Today's QUILT BLOCK - Mariner's Compass

AH, one of the most popular block patterns ever! But an absolute Nightmare to create. Points, points, points, plus getting that perfect unpuckered center! A real challenge, sometimes, even for the advanced quilter. But, thanks to someone inventing *paper-piecing* and other simplier techniques, blocks like this one are now more *doable* than they were years ago, probably when this old block was made by someone's loving heart and hands. Try to visualize it in an entire quilt of blocks, or in the colors you like best. What would we ever do without our imagination?

Did I ever mention I try to put at least a mention of a quilt in my women's fiction books, as well as my Heartsong novels? Some of my published books are even centered around quilts, such as Lucy's Quilt (an Historical), The Baby Quilt, and others. Both of the books titles I mention were voted #1 Book of the Year by the Heartsong readers. Everyone loves quilts!

Have a wonderful Saturday (and weekend).
Hope to see you back again soon!

Joyce Livingston, author